Lokaal / Bokaal
Eten en drinken, Zero waste

Local has become Bokaal! In Corona times we have changed our concept from restaurant to grocery store. You can come to us for TAKE AWAY meals at our fresh bar, pickled dishes in our fridges, spreads for sandwiches, pickles and chutneys on our store shelves and so much more.

We are also happy to take care of your buffets, weddings, clean family or non-family occasions, cult gatherings, Freemasonry secret meetings (hear, see and be silent), pajama parties, TV productions, prides, sweet sixteen, anniversary, bar mitzvah, bachelor parties, paper wedding, bronze wedding, golden wedding, silver wedding, baby showers, coming outs, divorces, coffee table, business meeting, King's Day, Ascension, Sugar Fest, Chinese New Year, Christmas, Labor Day, ... From 10 people to 150 people.

Lokaal provided the catering at the Ecomarkt 2022.

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Brabantdam 100
9000 Ghent
+32 477 199 544

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