Category: Zero waste

Let’s save food

Saving food: socially and ecologically. We collect and distribute food surpluses.

NANA – Coffee bar and micro bakery

At Nana, the banana is central. Supermarkets throw away their surplus and ripe bananas every day. These are rescued from the bin by NANA.


At OHNE you shop packaging-free, organic and local.

Rabot op je bord

During our weekly cooking workshops, vegetable and fruit surpluses from supermarkets that are still in perfect order are transformed into tasty dishes by local residents.


KWEEK is a small-scale organic nursery from Ghent with a focus on the selection and cultivation of edible plants with a rich yield.

Gents Milieufront (GMF)

Gents MilieuFront (GMF) is a regional environmental association from Ghent that aims to give the environment and sustainable mobility a boost through positive actions.

Het Glasdorp

Het Glasdorp is a small-scale initiative that tries to repurpose and reuse glass waste in the city.

Stad Gent (Repair Café)

Do you have a laptop, tablet, notebook or smartphone that you no longer need? You can make a Ghentian happy with it.


For 70 years we have been offering reusable, sustainable and user-friendly solutions to combat disposable packaging and food waste.

Tante Rosa

At Tante Rosa you will find washable sanitary pads, panty liners, menstrual cups, menstrual underwear, washable tampons and more.