Category: Sustainable city

Rabot op je bord

During our weekly cooking workshops, vegetable and fruit surpluses from supermarkets that are still in perfect order are transformed into tasty dishes by local residents.


Stadsacademie is a collaborator for transdisciplinary research and education on complex and urgent sustainability issues of the City of Ghent and Ghent University.

Gents Milieufront (GMF)

Gents MilieuFront (GMF) is a regional environmental association from Ghent that aims to give the environment and sustainable mobility a boost through positive actions.


(vegetable) garden seeks student! StuJardin is a cool group of students who gardens together in Ghent.


Revive wants to create qualitative and affordable residential neighborhoods in a sustainable way.

Gent Aan Zee

Gent aan Zee is a free climate festival with workshops, stories and delicious cuisine.

Stad Gent (Repair Café)

Do you have a laptop, tablet, notebook or smartphone that you no longer need? You can make a Ghentian happy with it.