Category: Flowers, plants and seeds

Akker en Ambacht

If it's not ecologically sound or sustainable, then we don't have it. We know who makes it, know their story and can therefore say with certainty: this product is okay. In this way we offer something good in concrete terms, at transparent prices.


KWEEK is a small-scale organic nursery from Ghent with a focus on the selection and cultivation of edible plants with a rich yield.


(vegetable) garden seeks student! StuJardin is a cool group of students who gardens together in Ghent.


We create honest bouquets, straight from the field, on the bike, in your vase.

Ympa Gent

Ympa Gent is a responsible city garden center, with local and sustainable greenery for inside and outside.

Het Glasdorp

Het Glasdorp is a small-scale initiative that tries to repurpose and reuse glass waste in the city.